Pregnancy Week 38

      38 weeks pregnant

      Pregnancy Week 38

      Rules of Engagement

      In week 38 of pregnancy, your baby weighs around 7lbs. Around now, most babies move lower into the abdomen, a process called ‘engagement’ or ‘lightening’, which means that labour probably isn’t too far away. Read our suggestions for healthy snacks for labour to include in your hospital bag. These snacks will provide a nutritious boost that will benefit both you and your baby when the time comes.


      Your baby's development at 38 weeks

      Breathing easier in week 38 of pregnancy


      By the time you're 38 weeks pregnant, your baby, weighing somewhere in the region of 6¾lbs, is now fully developed and ready for birth. They may even have moved down further into your abdomen, a process known as engagement or lightening. This is sometimes visible with a noticeable lowering of your bump, although for some mums-to-be this only happens at the beginning of labour.

      By this time your baby has already shed most of their lanugo, the soft downy hair that insulated them for most of pregnancy. Some babies are born with small patches of it that gradually disappear over the first few days and weeks.

      At week 38, your baby may still have some small patches of downy lanugo on their body, but most of it has already disappeared.

      Another way your baby’s body is getting ready for life after birth is by producing more surfactant within their lungs. This substance stops the air sacs in the lungs from sticking together as they transition from taking in amniotic fluid to breathing air.

      Snacks for labour: Think energy and nutrition

      With your baby’s arrival imminent, week 38 is the time to get your hospital bag in order. As well as personal and practical items, it’s helpful to have a variety of nutritious snacks to choose from if you need an energy boost at any point during labour.

      Any snacks you don’t eat during labour will be welcome nourishment once your baby has arrived.

      You’re unlikely to want to eat a large amount, but a bite or two of a nutrient-rich snack can help to keep you going. Pack several different foods; you won’t know what you’ll feel like or can tolerate until the time comes.

      Next Steps

      Pack healthy, energy-giving snacks that will provide a boost during labour and support your body and baby as you transition to breastfeeding:

      • Bananas
      • Apricots, raisins and other dried fruit
      • Fresh fruit
      • Cereal bars
      • Oatcakes
      • A handful of nuts

      Don’t forget to pack some drinks to stay well hydrated. Some women find sports drinks useful, or water or fruit juice in a sports-type bottle for easy drinking.

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      Questions about feeding and nutrition?

      Our midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch.