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      16 weeks pregnant

      Bowl Of Gherkins

      16 weeks pregnant

      Constant cravings

      Even though you may only feel light flutters within your belly, your baby is becoming active and moving around more. Internally, your baby’s major body systems are becoming established by the time you’re 17 weeks pregnant. Vitamin D still forms a crucial part of your pregnancy diet to support your baby’s bone development.

      Your baby's development at 16 weeks

      Hand movement in week 16 of pregnancy

      Around now, your baby may start flexing their arms and fingers. Their hands may even be able to meet, form a fist, and hold each other. As your baby’s nervous system continues to develop, their range of movements will also progress.

      Their hands may even be able to meet, form a fist, and hold each other.

      By week 16 of pregnancy your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes are also starting to grow, and the eyes themselves can make small movements from side to side. While they’re beginning to make facial expressions, they can’t control them yet.

      Strange food cravings

      Be it iceberg lettuce and cold boiled potatoes, or ice cream with gherkins, unusual food cravings aren’t uncommon in week 16 of pregnancy. Some believe they are due to hormonal changes, or a need for specific nutrients. However, despite much research and the experience of millions of pregnant women, there’s no scientific evidence to support these theories.

      As long as what you crave isn’t harmful, you can go ahead and eat it – in moderation. Just try to maintain your healthy, balanced diet too.

      As long as what you crave isn’t harmful, you can eat it in moderation.

      Chalk and cheese: pica cravings

      Some women suffer from pica during their pregnancy, which is the name given to cravings for non-nutritious things like plaster, clay and chalk. There are some theories that pica can indicate a deficiency in a certain mineral, but regardless of their cause, pica cravings should not be indulged. If you think you may be experiencing pica cravings, speak to your midwife.

      Read more about pregnancy cravings in our article.

      Feeling the squeeze?

      It will soon be time to shop for maternity clothes. Until then, here's a tip: If you're struggling to fasten your jeans, thread a hair band through the button hole, then hook both ends over the button. It should keep your waistband together but make sitting down a little more comfortable.

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      Questions about feeding and nutrition?

      Our nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch.