Top tips to deal with toddler behaviour.

Dealing with toddler behaviour.

One minute everything is perfect, going well, and then all of a sudden your toddler has flipped and is having a tantrum. You are not alone. Toddlers like having things their own way and they don’t yet have the skills and understanding that they need to react in an appropriate way.

Unwanted behaviours, such as screaming, kicking, hitting, biting, throwing things etc., are part of having a toddler in your home but successfully teaching your toddler how to behave can sometimes be a struggle.

Healthy and balanced portion control is really important in the nutritional development of your toddler.

Here are our top tips to get through the terrible twos:

  • Don’t lose your cool – No matter what happens, take a breath and stay calm and remember that you are the adult
  • If you use time-outs make sure to talk it over with your child afterwards
  • When they calm down make sure that you let your little one know that you love them
  • Avoid tantrum inducing situations, if you feel a change in their mood – a distraction or change in scenery can work wonderers
  • Allow your toddler to be curious and explore – they need to be allowed to do this to test things around them and build their confidence and self-esteem
  • Give them some control – By offering your child two choices they will learn how to make decisions but will feel like they have control over their world. Explain the consequences of their choice so they can make an informed decision
  • Avoid rewarding bad behaviour but make sure that you do offer praise, encouragement and rewards for good behaviour.

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