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Don't be in a hurry to start.

Many parents, particularly if it is their first child, spend hours agonising over toilet training. However, when your child masters it, they will seem very grown up and you will look back and think that it wasn’t difficult at all. Lots of parents worry about when they should begin toilet training but there is no specific age at which you should begin toilet training. It is important that you do not begin until your child is ready.

  • They can stay dry for an hour or two at a time and is sometimes dry after naps
  • They understand the concepts involved. This understanding helps them make sense of the process of toilet training.
  • They let you know in some way that they are having a bowel movement or urinating. The child who can tell when they are about to urinate is ready for training.
  • They have some ability to communicate their needs and follow simple instructions.
  • They are able to do some simple dressing, e.g. pull up bottoms.
  • They are showing curiosity about the bathroom habits of adults or siblings.

It is important that you do not begin until your child is ready

Whether you use a potty or move straight to the toilet is also a personal decision, as if your child is prepared to sit on the toilet then there is no need for a potty. See what works best for you and your child.

Many people also advise toilet training during the summer months as your child can run around for most of the day without a nappy but if you feel your child is ready there is no point waiting around for Summer, particularly as there is no guarantee of sunny weather in Ireland!

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