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Aptamil are world experts in early life nutrition from birth

We believe that the the nutritional choices you make today can have a significant positive impact on your baby’s future health. Our Nutricia team have over 100 years of expertise supporting you as a parent in making nutritional choices throughout your journey from pre-conception to when your child reaches toddlerhood. 

As a company, we continually strive to improve, whether in terms of our products for mothers, babies and toddlers; services to parents and healthcare professionals; or our contribution to the field of early life nutrition. That’s why our research never stops. We are committed to actively contributing to new scientific insights and discoveries in the field of early life nutrition

Our findings enable us to:

  • Provide education and services to parents and the healthcare professionals who support them.
  • Create nutritionally beneficial products to positively influence the short- and long-term health of babies and toddlers.
  • Contribute to the growing body of research that is helping to shape the future health of generations to come.
  • Nutricia is part of the Danone family, and as such, our work reflects the group’s overall mission: to bring health through food to as many people as possible. In our case, it’s to mother’s-to-be, mothers, babies and young children. Supporting and educating healthcare professionals in the field of early life nutrition is also a crucial part of our offering

Our history


A breakthrough that changed millions of lives

Our story begins at the end of the 19th century, when the world looked especially different for mothers and their babies. Mothers who weren’t able to express their own milk had little alternative feeding solutions for their little ones, and as a result, malnourishment was a big contributing factor to the mortality rate of 1 in 5 babies dying before they reached the age of one. A heartbreaking fact one Professor Alexander Baukhaus set to change when he started researching into the miracle of human breastmilk. Through his research the good doctor created a breakthrough formula that was easier for tiny tummies to digest compared to the alternatives of the time. This  ensured that mothers who are unable to breastfeed had a safe and high quality feeding alternative for their babies. A lifesaving innovation that has changed millions of lives over the next century.

Science without fiction

Since Professor Alexander Backhausirst formula, Nutricia relentlessly continues to research in the fields of immunity, allergy and gut health. Our scientific expertise comes from our innate desire to better understand and support families, whatever their feeding journey. We have a long history of nutritional innovation and are proud pioneers in the world of nutritional science. Not only being one of the first Formula brands in the world, but the one that continues to innovate through science for the betterment of health in babies.


Aptamil today: no judgement. Pure parental support

Our mission has roots in our wonderful heritage and will continue to grow as we hone our sights on innovations, collaboration, sustainability, and transparency. We pride ourselves at being at the service of parents, so if you have any questions about feeding or nutrition, simply get in touch with one of our midwives, nutritionists and feeding advisors below. 

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Our nutritionists and feeding advisors are always on hand to talk about feeding your baby. So if you have a question, just get in touch