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      Pregnancy nutrition

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      Pregnancy nutrition

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      The role of calcium in development

      Cheese and other dairy products such as milk and low-fat yogurt are a great source of calcium, which is an essential nutrient during pregnancy. It plays a key role in developing your baby’s teeth and bones, and also supports other important functions.

      Much more than healthy teeth and bones

      Calcium is actually used by every single cell in the body. It’s present in tissues and body fluids, and has various roles that include helping muscles and nerves to function, aiding digestion, and helping blood to clot.

      Natural yogurt is a great source of calcium.

      Building healthy bones for life

      During pregnancy your baby’s bones take on more calcium than at any other stage of their life. But because the body doesn’t naturally produce calcium, the only source is through your diet. As well as supplying your unborn baby with the calcium they need, getting an adequate intake can have a positive effect on your own bone health and even reduce the risk of conditions such as osteoporosis.

      What next?

      Because of our moderate dairy intake, most people in the UK get enough calcium without making a special effort. Calcium-rich foods include yogurt, milk and cheese. Try to choose healthy options where possible, such as natural yogurt, low-salt and low-fat varieties of milk and cheese. If you’re vegan, ask your midwife or healthcare professional for advice on which non-dairy options – like kale, almonds or dried pineapple – you need.

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      Your baby's future health begins here

      Your baby's future health begins here

      At Aptaclub, we believe that experience helps to build resilience; that
      each new encounter, whether in pregnancy or after birth, can shape your
      baby’s future development. With our scientific expertise and one-to-one
      round the clock support, we can help you and your baby embrace tomorrow.

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