Can I get beauty treatments while pregnant?

People are always telling you what you can/can’t do during pregnancy. While some of it is great advice – sometimes they are repeating pregnancy myths. When it comes to beauty treatments during pregnancy there is some misinformation out there. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and the answers!


Is it safe to:

Dye your hair…

The chemicals that are used in hair dye are highly toxic, but most research that has been done would show that it is safe to colour your hair.

Some tips if you are colouring your own hair….

  • Always use the gloves provided.
  • Leave the colour on for the minimum amount of time.
  • Where possible use a semi-permanent dye that is vegetable based such as Henna as they would be the safer alternative.

Use Fake Tan…

Yes it is generally considered safe to use fake tan lotions and creams during pregnancy. However there is a risk that you may have an allergic reaction to them due to the fact that pregnancy hormones can leave you more sensitive than normal.

Always do a patch test even if you have used the product before.

Try to avoid spray tans as we don’t yet know if there are any possible side effects of inhaling the spray.

Gel Nails…

While it is generally considered safe to have gel nails on while pregnant, our midwife Sinead wouldn’t recommend it. Gel nails or shellac need to be soaked off and maternity units will only have standard nail varnish remover.  If an emergency situation occurs and you need to go to theatre, the staff won’t be able to remove your nails. A clear nail bed is needed to monitor your wellbeing during an operation. So try and stick to plain old good fashioned nail varnish.

Nail Polish…

Perfectly safe.

Hair Removal Creams…

Yes you can use hair removal cream. If you have never used them before we would advise a patch test. Due to hormonal changes, your skin can be more sensitive so always use creams with caution.


Yes, again if you have never been waxed a patch test in needed.

Remember your skin may be more sensitive and irritable than before pregnancy!!

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