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Bottled Water

If you are travelling with your baby this summer the tap water in some countries abroad may not be suitable. Here’s some advice about using bottled water for baby in this case. In most cases cooled, boiled tap water is the best option when preparing formula or when offering water as a drink option for baby. But if your tap water is not suitable for drinking or if you are in a country abroad where you aren’t sure about the water then the safest alternative is to choose a bottled water. However some bottled waters are not suitable for babies.

What to look out for when using bottled water for baby

If tap water is not suitable to drink or to use to prepare formula then a bottled water can be used as a suitable alternative. However there are a few things to note:

  • The bottled water must have a sodium content of less than 20 mg per litre. This level will be clearly labelled on the bottle either listed as ‘Sodium’ or as ‘Na’ so be sure to check before buying. Evian and Volvic are two examples of brands that are suitable.
  • This water must still be boiled before use. Up until the age of 12 months all water offered to a baby should be cooled boiled water.

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Important notice

Breastfeeding is best for babies and provides many benefits. It is important that, in preparation for and during breastfeeding, you eat a varied, balanced diet. Combined breast and bottle feeding in the first weeks of life may reduce the supply of your own breastmilk, and reversing the decision not to breastfeed is difficult. The social and financial implications of using an infant formula should be considered. Improper use of an infant formula or inappropriate foods or feeding methods may present a health hazard. If you use an infant formula, you should follow manufacturer’s instructions for use carefully – failure to follow the instructions may make your baby ill. Always consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor for advice about feeding your baby.

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