Your body will change a lot over your 9 months of pregnancy. But here are some of the more interesting, lesser known pregnancy facts about what will happen!

  1. Your uterus will expand to 500 times its size. It will grow from around the size of a peach to the size of a medium watermelon!
  2. Your heart will grow! Not just with love but your blood volume increases by up to 50% during pregnancy to make sure your baby is getting enough. So your heart has to work harder and pump more blood than ever before.
  3. Your joints will soften. The ovaries and the placenta will produce a hormone called relaxin which will relax your ligaments. The main reason for this is to relax your pelvis in preparation for the birth.
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  4. Your body will always put baby first. Your body knows to make sure your baby gets all of the nutrients they need for their growth and development. Even if you skip a meal your body will take the nutrients from your stores and give them to baby. That’s why it is so important to eat a healthy balanced diet while you are feeding your little one as well as yourself.
  5. Your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy. There is no definite scientific answer for why this happens but it is thought to be down to increased hormone levels. Another theory is that it helps pregnant women to avoid toxins which may be harmful to a baby.
  6. Your hair feels fuller. Higher levels of estrogen will mean that your hair sheds much less than it usually does making it appear thicker and glossier. But unfortunately after pregnancy shedding returns to its normal rate!
  7. Your feet will grow. Again down to those pregnancy hormones! The relaxin hormone which helps to prepare your body for birth also relaxes the ligaments in your feet. That combined with your increased body weight and an increase in fluid can result in your feet growing up to one full size! But don’t worry they will return to normal within the first couple of months post baby.
  8. Your placenta is amazing! At the time of birth, your placenta will produce more estrogen than a non-pregnant woman would produce in 3 years. That’s a lot of hormones! As well as that, during pregnancy your placenta will pump an entire pint of blood to the uterus every single minute.

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