So the big event has kicked off… You are getting 3 strong contractions in the space of 10 minutes and you believe you are in labour…. What will happen next?

When you arrive at the hospital, whether its day or night, you will be brought to either the delivery ward or an assessment unit. What happens next will all depend on the progress of your labour, so unless the baby is in a real hurry to meet you the following will happen:

what will happen when I get to hospital, labour

  1. You will meet a midwife and they will ask for a sample of urine so it can be checked.
  2. The midwife will go through your chart and take a history of your pregnancy to date so be sure to inform them of any complications e.g. Group B strep etc at this stage.
  3. Your vital signs will be taken – blood pressure, temperature and pulse.
  4. The Midwife will palpate your tummy to feel what way the baby is positioned and how engaged the head is.
  5. Your contractions will also be palpated and timed.
  6. The baby’s heart rate will be listened to and in a lot of cases a trace or CTG will be done of the babies heart rate.
  7. A vaginal exam will also be done to see how dilated you are, the position of the cervix and also the position and engagement of the babies head.

After all this is done what you really want to hear is… You’re in Labour

Here's what you need to know next

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