The following are examples of equipment that you will find very useful when weaning your baby.


Small shallow spoons with long handles to allow you feed from jars are very useful. Colourful spoons will also make food seem more attractive for your baby. When your baby reaches 6 months it can be a good idea to have an extra spoon at mealtimes for your baby to hold. This will encourage your baby to get involved and help develop hand to mouth co-ordination skills.

Plastic Bowls

Weaning portion sizes

Babies love to throw these in all directions, so a durable and plastic bowl is essential. Bowls with suction cups on the bottom are available if you wish to buy one.

Liquidisers or blenders

These are very useful when preparing purees. Depending on the age of your baby you will be able to blend purees to the consistency most suitable for your baby. Standard forks and sieves are also great for pureeing food.

Bibs, wipes and cloths

A mess will be unavoidable. Bibs will reduce your laundry load as you will avoid having to change your baby’s clothes after every feed if you use one. Damp cloths and baby wipes are great for cleaning your baby’s little face and hands after a feed.


Steaming is a great healthy and convenient way to prepare food. It is the best way to cook vegetables as it locks in key nutrients which are lost when you boil them.


baby food

Try and encourage your baby to take fluids from a beaker when your baby has reached 6 months. Beakers with two handles will make it easier for your baby to manage this new task of drinking from a beaker. Aim for your baby to have finished drinking from a bottle when he/she reaches one year.

High Chair

Babies should be an upright position when you feed them so it’s easier for them to swallow the food. A secure, comfortable and washable high chair will be a sound investment.

Freezable containers

Freezing pureed meals and using them at a later date is a great time saver. Freezable containers include, ice cube trays, freezer bags and small plastic containers with lids.

Messy mat/Splashmat

These are wipeable mats that are available to put under your highchair. These aren’t essential but they can save you from washing the floor constantly!

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