The latest guidelines on weaning healthy premature babies state that weaning should begin between 5-8 months from their date of birth (uncorrected age). Considering that this age bracket is quite wide your healthcare professional will be on hand to advise you as to when is the right time to begin offering your baby solids.

Your baby will also be your guide and show some of the following signs that they are ready to begin taking solids. Your baby may not necessarily show all the signs but they will be an indicator as to when is the right time to begin weaning.

Here’s what to look out for:

Baby Eating in a High Chair, weaning a premature baby

  • They will be able support themselves in an upright position
  • That they show an interest  in what you are eating
  • They are putting their hand or various objects in their mouth
  • If they are demonstrating a munching up/down jaw movement when mouthing non-food items
  • They may appear hungry or dissatisfied after a milk-only feed, or be looking for or waking up for more frequent feeds than usual

Most preterm babies progress through the stages of weaning at the same pace as term babies. However some preterm babies may have a delayed development and may take longer to acquire skills required to take solids. Talk to your healthcare professional for advice.

If you’ve got a particular query about your preterm baby and you’d like to talk to someone about it, do contact our Careline where one of our Careline experts is on hand to help you.