You can help get your baby to sleep longer by promoting healthy sleep habits from the early days. In the beginning, they do have quite a regular waking and feeding schedule. It’s important not to underestimate their need for sleep in the beginning, so they need as much as 16 out of 24 hours in the very beginning. The first thing that you can do is start to identify your child’s natural time to sleep. We’re looking for sleep cues, subtle signs, yawning, rubbing the eyes, snuggling into you- they’re all signs of the baby ready to go to sleep. In the very beginning, your baby can’t really stay awake longer than 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It’s really important that you wouldn’t let them stay up any longer than that because they become impossible to settle at that point. Create a nice, peaceful sleep environment that is adequately dark and conducive to sleep. You can also establish a calming bedtime routine, a sequence of events that your child soon starts to associate with going to sleep. Very simple, changing a nappy, wrapping them up and putting them into the sleep environment. Maybe say certain keywords to them. “Sleep time for baby, now.” We’re going to say, “Night, night.” Allow them the opportunity to perfect the skill of going to sleep themselves