I normally recommend moving your toddler into their big bed sometime between age of two and half to three. I think it’s a good age because developmentally, they have the mental reasoning of understanding words like, “You must stay in your bed all night. This is what mommy and daddy
expect of you.” So, I think it’s a good time.

It also generally tends to coincide with maybe toilet training your youngster. So, it’s a good idea to maybe transition them into the big bed first and then deal with that aspect of things. It’s worth not overloading your small person with lots of big changes. So, if you try to deal with one big transition first. And, initially, I think it’s worth trying to get your child, involved in the process and getting a sense of ownership over their big move. So, I like to get them interested in it and maybe go shopping
with them for the new bed linen. Get help from them moving into the big room and reorganising things. And, at this age they love to get lots of small choices so you could start by asking them what colour pajamas are they going to wear tonight, the pink ones or the blue ones or the purple
ones, or which two books are we going to read.

Then when you pick the night you’re going to transfer them into the big bed. You’re probably going to have to adapt the bedtime routine you’ve had going on. So that you have firm boundaries because there are no longer confined to the cot. So, I often recommend using a timer for the bedtime routine because that’s something external to use. So a timer on a light and you do your bedtime routine, allocate 20 to 30 minutes of your quiet time, you’re reading your books with them and then when the light goes out, it’s into the bed. It’s quiet. It’s time to go to sleep. I think it’s worth considering not laying down with your child or holding their hand if you don’t plan to co-sleep or room share with them. Because if they associate bedtime with you laying down with them, they may then need that during their phases of sleep during the nighttime.