If you choose to give birth in hospital, there are some essential items that you will need to bring with you to make life easier before, during, and after labour. Here are some of my suggestions.

Firstly, you will need a loose fitting cotton nightdress for the labour ward, preferably with poppers down the front to make it easier to breastfeed afterwards. You’ll also have to have your TENS machine packed. Once you start to feel contractions, have this to hand, so that you can put it on and start it working straightaway. You’ll also need to bring in some socks and some slippers with you. Socks for the reason that if you choose to get an epidural, your feet can get quite cold, so they’re ideal to have.

Also bring some massage oil, so your partner can help ease some of your backache with that. Bring some lip balm, because when you’re using gas and air, your mouth can become quite dry, especially your lips. This will just prevent them from cracking. Also, earplugs are handy to bring. If you are staying over, sometimes the lady next to you can be quite noisy when she’s sleeping, so it would be useful to have them to hand.

Moving on, some other essential items that you need to bring with you are maternity pads. You will need these after your baby is born. Also, disposable underwear, some women choose to bring disposable and others will just buy cheap underwear and throw them out afterwards. It is entirely up to you. You’ll also require breast pads for when you’re breastfeeding. It is required that you bring some towels with you to the hospital as they won’t supply you with towels. However, the hospital will supply your baby with towels.

Ensure that you pack a maternity bra, and ideally have it measured from about thirty-six weeks, to bring with you in your bag to the hospital.

So, that’s you covered.

Moving on to baby then, obviously nappies are the number one thing to place in the bag. Your first one comes free with the baby, but after that you’ll need a good supply to bring in with you. Bring baby grows and vests, about six to eight of each. There can be frequent changes in the first few days, so make sure you have enough with you. Also bring some bibs or burping cloths just for winding your baby. It is very important that you bring Cellular blankets with you. It is recommended that a baby is placed in cellular blankets to sleep, for the first year of life. So definitely have one to two with you. Also bring some baby soap for your first bath, if you’re doing it in the hospital. Cotton wool balls are an essential to bring with you, and just in case you get stuck ensure that you have some baby wipes to hand. These are the essentials that you’ll need for baby.

At Aptaclub, we’ve created a handy downloadable checklist to ensure that you have all of these essential items with you. You can also contact the Aptaclub careline for further advice and information.