The top tips I’d give for latching baby onto the breast is that you get yourself in a comfortable position; that you ensure that baby’s mouth is wide open; that the nipple is far back in the mouth as to protect the nipple. Because, if you don’t, and baby is just sucking on the nipple, it could cause damage to the nipple, and then mom could end up with sore, cracked, or bleeding nipples, which for some moms is a bit of a stumbling block at the beginning of breastfeeding. So, it’s very important to get the latch right. I’d advise getting the midwives in the hospital or the lactation consultant to help with the first few feeds. Because, if you get it right from the beginning, you shouldn’t have any problems. If it hurts when your breastfeeding, if it’s painful, you need to take baby off the breast and start again. Also, on the “Mums Like Us” website we have attachment videos that we’ve done, I did with some of the moms there. And, you’ll find it in the expert answers, and it’s excellent to go step by step through how to attach baby onto the breast. So, it’s well worth looking at.