Q: When should you express?
A: It is not necessary to express in the early days unless your baby has a problem like a small baby, a premature baby, or a baby that is refusing to breastfeed. It’s best to let your milk supply establish which can take up to four to six weeks in order to get the full supply that your baby needs. If you start expressing too quickly, you may find that baby gets used to taking the extra milk that you are giving via bottle and it will cause nipple confusion. Nipple confusion is basically where the baby has a different technique for breastfeeding than bottle feeding and can quite easily refuse the breast, if you do this too early on. So, anyway, mom generally wouldn’t have time to express in the first few weeks you’re so busy feeding eight and 12 times a day that you just need to feed and get the milk in and then after about four to six weeks you can start expressing. It’s best to express in the morning time, because that is when the milk is the most plentiful. As regards storing the milk and how to express, there are various methods; you can use a manual pump or an electric pump. You can find all of this information on the “Mums Like Us” website as well. We have videos that show you how to express and also, how to store. We give you all the information on storage of breast milk.