Engorgement is usually when the milk comes in on about day three to five and the breast gets very full. Now not all of the fullness is due to the milk, some of it is an increased blood supply and increased lymphatic fluids. And it takes a few days for the breasts then to go back to normal. Now not all moms will experience engorgement. But for those who do, it can be sometimes difficult for baby to latch onto the breast because the breast is actually very full and the nipple can be quite flattened and taut. So a really simple thing for mum to do in that instance will be just to hand express or use a pump to just express a small amount away from the breast to soften it in order for baby to go on. Because if baby can’t attach onto the breast in these early days, even for a few days, could end up with mum getting blocked ducts, or even that leading onto mastitis. And that as well can be a problem for a mum to establishing good breast feeding in those early days.
So it’s very important that she knows how to deal with engorgement. And we do have some videos on the “Moms Like Us” site which show how to deal with engorgement, and how to alleviate it.