Yes some of the positions that you might find useful you might find from breastfeeding would be the most normal position would be the cradle hold, where the mom holds the baby in the position with the head on her forearm, tucked in closely and lying into mom. That’s the most common position mom’s use, but the football hold is quite good if you have twins, or if you’ve premature babies or small babies, where the baby lies here to the breast with the body running to the side of mom, that’s quite good. It’s sometimes easier for mom to handle the baby in this position.
Another one is the upright position, this is good for babies who are quite windy, and mom’s milk supply is quite rapid, and basically have the baby at a higher angle, so that baby gets to swallow the milk at a more slower process, so it’s not swallowing wind as well.
Lying down on your side is another position. That is very good for moms who’ve had a cesarean section, or in bed at night, or if they want to have a nap in the afternoon. It’s a good position to have baby lying beside her in the bed. And it’s, mom and baby get more sleep that way.