Somethings you might not know about breast feeding. One is that the flavour of the breast milk can change depending on what mom has eaten. It helps baby develop a taste for other flavours other than milk for when it comes time to wean baby. Also if mom has her period the milk supply can drop off a little bit. But that comes back to normal once the period is gone. It’s just good for mom to know that if she’s feeding more frequently at that time. Also the let down can be more rapid in one breast than in another. So that’s why sometimes babies have a preference for which side they like to feed on because they get something quicker on one side than on the other. When baby’s teething also it feeds differently because the gums are sore. So you may find that your nipples can get quite sore. Also baby digests breast milk much quicker than formula milk. It can be digested in one and a half hours so therefore your baby will feed more frequently then bottle fed baby.