If your baby is waking up more frequently there may be many variables that contribute to disturbed sleep. So sickness, teething, and developmental milestones and vaccinations can all contribute to your child’s disturbed sleep. If you have a consistent response to your child during these night time wakings, you will find that they slip back into their regular sleeping pattern relatively easily. However, if you’ve taught your baby to goto sleep in a certain way, beyond the age of four months their sleep cycle is actually starting to form. Their night sleep is becoming more organised. And they then will start doing sleep cycles. Normally about ninety minute sleep cycles. And then if they’ve been taught to goto sleep in a certain way they may begin to wake up more frequently as they come up to the surface, as they transition between the phases. You would need to then consider how to phase out those sleep associations and help your child learn to go to sleep more independently without your intervention.