Your new born baby needs an awful lot of sleep, but unfortunately it’s dictated to by their feeding schedule as opposed to their circadian rhythm. You can expect to have to feed regularly and often, and that your baby needs about sixteen hours of sleep within a twenty-four hour period.
They are not able to do big sections of time, because their tummies just can’t keep them asleep that long. What you have to do is look after yourself initially, and make sure you’re taking good care of yourself, and be prepared for your baby to be waking every three to four hours, and even less in some instances.
What you can try to do though is expose them to bright light during wake up times, and dim light during sleep times, so you help initially for them to understand and not confuse day and night. As they get a little bit older their circadian rhythm, you can help regulate that by again doing similar, and exposing them to the bright light during the day and a dim light during the night, and that way then you will help to encourage them to sleep for longer periods, when they’re physically capable of doing so.