Next I will explain how to change a baby’s nappy. A lot of moms like to have a pre-prepared nappy changing kit, and what this involves is obviously some nappies and plenty of them, because you’ll never know when you’ll be caught off guard. You’ll need some cotton wool balls and a bowl to place some water in as well. The reason we use water at this stage, and for the first six weeks, is it’s just softer on your baby’s bottom and it is what’s recommended for use. Now, if you get caught off guard obviously you do have baby wipes and sometimes an explosive nappy can call for baby wipes as well.

To change the baby’s nappy, you just loosen the vest. Make sure to lift baby’s legs up grasping the ankles and push the vest well up the baby’s back and at the front as well. Loosen the nappy out and lift baby’s legs again, securely holding the ankles and push the nappy downwards so you’re moving any poo right down. Tuck that nappy in underneath and you leave it there, and the reason why is just in case baby pees when they feel the cold on their bum, there’s something there to absorb it. So still holding the legs you take your pieces of cotton wool, wet them, and always wipe downwards. If it’s a girl you’re wiping front to back. If it’s a boy you’re just making sure that you’re getting in under the testes. Wipe front to back and leave that piece of cotton wool sitting there. Take your second piece and wipe off any other poo or pee that’s still there and place your cotton wool like so.

Very importantly is that you dry off the baby’s bum afterwards because this just minimises any irritation that the nappy may cause against the skin. It’s optional as well, if you want to use a barrier cream on your baby’s bum. I do think though if it’s not broke don’t fix it. A lot of creams can eventually start to irritate the skin, so just leave them off. Once you’re done then you remove your nappy from underneath the baby and you can roll it up like so and just place it to one side. Take your fresh nappy, just unfold it, and place it well up baby’s back; it should be around the level of the umbilicus. You can then lower the legs, pull the nappy out, and make sure you securely fasten it. And that’s how to change a baby’s nappy.