There are various ways to wind your baby. The most commonly known to us all, is to place baby over your shoulder and gently tap or rub the back. This is good, but there are some other alternatives you can try. The first one is to place baby on your lap, put the palm of your hand on the baby’s stomach and rest the baby’s chin in the c-shape that your hand will make. Lean them over and gently rub the back. Rub in a clockwise direction because this is the natural way that the bowel moves, so it will just help move that wind along.

Another thing you can do is rest the baby back on the palm of your hand, supporting the back; rotate the baby either in a circle or in a square with four points. This really does help to move them little air bubbles in the baby’s tummy along. It’s also quite soothing and rhythmic for the baby, so if they are having any pains from cramps, it can just calm them down a little bit. Another way to wind the baby is to place them over your knee like so, and again, just gently rubbing the back in a clockwise direction just to help move that wind along.

Try and avoid bouncing the baby too much or rocking them up and down. You can imagine yourself, if you’ve just had your dinner and somebody bounces you up and down, something is definitely going to come back up and it probably won’t be wind, so it’s not really advisable. Also remember, that your baby is about eighty per cent water, so it’s not very advisable to bounce them too much as it can be quite unsettling for them.