Aches and pains in pregnancy and your breasts becoming sore are all very normal. Your body produces hormones when you’re pregnant and one of these in-particular is called relaxin. Relaxin relaxes out the muscle and ligaments in your pelvis and back and therefore aches and pains can happen. There are a few simple things that you can do in your everyday life to try and avoid or ease these pains, and that is trying to avoid sitting or standing for long periods. Gentle exercises like walking or swimming can also help ease these pains. Changes in your breasts are also very normal. From sixteen weeks your breast will begin to produce colostrum or the first milk. At this stage you will feel tingling and tenderness in your breast, and they will also enlarge in size as your pregnancy progresses. The area around your nipple called the areola will also darken in colour and will protrude a little more and this is all normal changes in the breast.