You have successfully overcome some of motherhood’s greatest hurdles: you have nurtured your baby from a newborn, you’ve comforted them through teething, encouraged them into crawling, and they may now be taking their first steps into toddlerhood. Here are a couple of ideas for that first birthday celebration.

Guest list & schedule

Remember the guest of honour will not be a fan of strangers or large crowds. Their social network consists mainly of family members and friends of mum and dad. Keep the guests to a small group and in a place where they are comfortable. It is a good idea to plan your baby’s party when they are alert and well rested, after a nap works well.

Choosing a theme

One of the most exciting parts of planning your baby’s party is choosing a theme. You might want to choose their favourite TV character, superhero, princess or go really wild and have a jungle theme.

toddler playing


Handmade invitations can be a lovely momentum from your little ones special day. You can also choose a colour scheme that will match your theme and include a special message for that someone special in your baby’s life.

Party Activities

Your little one may be too small to enjoy traditional party games such as pass the parcel or musical chairs but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Why not have some musical and dance fun such as dancing or a sing along to their favourite nursery rhymes.

What’s on the menu?

To make your day stress free, opt for foods you know your child will enjoy and lean towards things that both adults and kids can enjoy. Be realistic, you will mainly be catering for adults so keep sweet treats to minimum and aim for healthy, quick and easy finger foods.

It is not a party without a birthday cake

You may make one yourself or choose from a shop bought one. A good idea would be to keep it within your theme. Your baby would love to see their favourite character on their cake. Be careful, your baby will want to reach out for lit candles.

Be careful, your baby will want to reach out for lit candles.


Remember to enjoy your little ones special day. Keep the camera at hand to capture special memories, tissues for tears and wet wipes for all those little spills.

Click here to download our Party Planner Checklist.

If you need a bit more advice on throwing a birthday party for your little one, give our Careline a call.

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