It is perfectly safe to travel abroad in your first and second trimesters – although check first with your doctor if you have had any medical problems before travelling during pregnancy.

Most mums-to-be find that the second trimester is the easiest time to travel as energy levels are higher and morning sickness is behind you. Some airlines may even allow women of between 28-36 weeks to travel but do check with your airline first.

Here are a few things to remember when planning on travelling during pregnancy:

travelling during pregnancy

  • Talk to your doctor before you go
  • Medical insurance
  • Pack you prenatal vitamins or folic acid supplement
  • Wear comfortable shoes as your feet and legs may swell on the flight
  • Consider buying some special pregnancy socks to keep down the swelling
  • Bring your pregnancy pillow to get as comfortable as possible on flight
  • Keep your luggage light. You should not be carrying heavy goods during pregnancy
  • Drink plenty of water and pack some healthy snacks
  • Speak to your airline in advance to find out if there are any forms that you have fill out or bring with you.

If you have questions in relation to travelling during your pregnancy please contact your GP or your midwife.