As your child grows and develops almost before your eyes, they love to enjoy family time with you and to do what you do – and this includes sitting up at the table to enjoy meals together.

Most toddlers will love the independence of sitting on their high chair pulled into the table, learning to use their own fork and spoon and helping themselves to whatever you have on offer for dinner.

Of course, no parent wants to spend their evenings cooking different meals for different members of the family, so as your child grows, it is worthwhile having a selection of family dishes that everyone can enjoy.

And remember, a child may need to try a new food up to 10 times before they will decide they like it.  So don’t despair and continue to offer a wide range of flavours, colours and textures to entice him to reach out for more!

Try some of these family favourites as your toddler grows, to share around the table together.  Just remember, don’t add salt to meals for toddlers – you can add it yourself if you wish at the table or, even better, perhaps the whole family will become used to less salt and reap the health benefits.