Like mums-to-be,  dads-to-be will have lots of questions and concerns about bringing a new baby into your home. There are lots of things dads can do in preparation for the new arrival. Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

  • Attending antenatal classes are a great opportunity for you to learn how to cope and support your partner at the birth. Antenatal classes will help you find out how you can both prepare for the birth and what to expect during labour. It can also be a great time to voice any concerns you may have with your midwife or antenatal teacher
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  • Help! Take care of house work and other household chores. Your partner will really appreciate this especially towards the end as her energy levels will be low and bending and lifting should be avoided
  • Stock up the freezer. Meals made in advance will be a godsend for when the little one arrives. It takes the stress out of cooking and gives you more time to enjoy with mum and new baby

Don’t forget to keep the petrol in the car topped up!

  • Be Prepared! Practice putting the car seat in and out of the car. Ensure you are able to get the pram and other essentials assembled and ready in case of the midnight dash to the maternity hospital – don’t forget to keep the petrol in the car topped up!
  • Mum and baby are not the only ones who need a hospital bag. Don’t forget a few essentials for yourself. This may include a change of clothes, deodorant, phone & charger, change for parking machines, camera and snacks for what might be a long day/night.

Why not download our Hospital Checklist – there is a section for dads.

If you have any concerns in relation to your partner’s pregnancy do not hesitate to contact our Careline.