From six months onwards, your baby’s nutritional needs start to change. He/she is just about to or has already started experimenting with new food tastes and textures to help meet those extra needs for key nutrients.

One of the most important nutrients for babies from six months onwards is iron. Babies have enough iron to last them for their first six months and after that, these iron stores start to reduce. Iron is important for your baby’s brain development and it is also important for healthy blood. Babies iron stores decrease a lot at this time and they need to get lots of iron from their diet to help meet their high iron needs.

A 7 month old baby will need almost the same amount of iron as an adult man

There are ways you can provide iron in your baby’s diet by including iron rich dietary sources such as red meat, egg and dark green vegetables in their weaning diet. The iron in breastmilk is also really well absorbed. Vitamin C helps to absorb iron from non-animal sources such as leafy green vegetables if it is taken at the same mealtime. So if you are offering broccoli or spinach add in some tomatoes or peppers which will work together to absorb iron.

weaning baby

Some babies at six months may not have moved onto a diet that contains all of these foods yet and in the amounts that they need them. Research shows how an iron fortified milk can significantly improve the nutrient quality of the diet between six and eighteen months as part of their diet. That is why a Follow On milk can help to complement your baby’s diet by providing a rich source of iron to your baby at this time in the same volume of milk as they are already taking. You’ll feel reassured that your baby is getting enough to meet his/her needs alongside a suitable weaning diet.

If you would like to speak to somebody about moving your baby to Aptamil Follow On milk, contact our Careline on 1800 22 1234.