How does early life nutrition influence your baby’s future development?

Some experts believe that at most, 20% of a baby’s future health is determined by their inherited genes. Around 80% is determined by environmental factors encountered during early life which you can influence, and nutrition plays an essential part.

Baby’s genes are already determined and cannot be altered. However, the way that these genes function and interact is still flexible and so can still be positively affected. This means that nutrition during this time helps to lay the foundations for your baby’s health from now into adulthood. Scientists have spent decades studying disease patterns. They have discovered links between the health of babies at birth and the development of allergies, obesity and other health issues later on.

Nutrition during this time helps to lay the foundations for your baby’s health

You can make a big difference to your little one’s whole future by making good nutritional choices from the first day of conception through to toddlerhood. During this time, your baby goes through the fastest period of growth and development that they ever will. The level of growth is incredible. From a single cell at conception, to an amazing 500 trillion cells by year three.

impact of early life nutrition on future health

Their birth weight doubles in the first 6 months alone, and triples over the first year. The brain is also highly flexible and develops most in the first 3 years. It will treble in weight in the first year. By the age of three, 80% of their adult brain is formed. That’s why it’s so important your baby gets the best nutrition possible during this critical phase of growth and development.

All in all, by making simple healthy lifestyle decisions and good nutritional choices during this time, you may positively impact your child’s health for the rest of their lives.