Telling your boss you are pregnant can be a daunting time but don’t worry! Your boss will be delighted for you.

Most women wait until they are about 12 weeks before they announce their pregnancy – you don’t have to share with your boss at this point but it is better to share sooner rather than later. If you tell your boss as soon as you have shared the news with friends and family, that allows time for any necessary changes to your role can be made. Such as – less manual labour or even just a back support for your chair. It also means that they will be more understanding if you have a few sick days or if you need time off for appointments.

pregnant at work


You are entitled to take 26 weeks of maternity leave and an additional 16 weeks of unpaid leave. This is granted to all female workers in Ireland, regardless of how long you have been working for a company or the numbers of hours worked. Check with your employer or social welfare office to see what maternity pay you are entitled to.

You can get more information on your maternity rights from the Citizens Information website.