Congratulations! You are at home with your new baby and trying to get to grips with the new routines and a new boss in the house! But it is so important to remember to look after yourself too in the early days!

Don’t be too hard on yourself, take as much help as is offered and sleep when the baby sleeps. You have probably heard these words of wisdom before but they are worth listening to, especially if this is your first baby.  If you already have children at home, you may need to get back into school pick ups and cooking dinners more quickly but, with your first baby, make the most of this precious time getting to know each other – it all goes too quickly.

Take as much help as is offered and sleep when the baby sleeps

A healthy, happy Mum will feel better able to cope with a new baby and their settled and not-so-settled days. So don’t forget to eat well, drink plenty of water and rest and sleep when you can in the first few weeks.

Sending a friend or your partner to the shops with a shopping list of handy and nutritious foods to have in the fridge will make it much easier to rustle up a quick, healthy snack at any time of the day, even if you only have 15 baby-free minutes.

taking care of yourself

Online shopping is another great idea at this time – it is an extra cost but think of it as money well spent for the few weeks when getting out to the shops with a new baby can be a little too stressful.  There is nothing nicer than the delivery van bringing freshly baked wholemeal bread, sliced cooked meats and fresh salad vegetables to your door just when you can’t find anything in the fridge for lunch.

If you would like some more tips on coping in the early days contact our Careline or download our booklet on Postnatal Exercises and Advice.

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