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Caesarean Section: What to expect?

There are 2 different scenarios for a Caesarean section: Elective Emergency   You can have an elective Caesarean section for various different reasons including: Baby in Breech position Two or more previous Caesarean Bad birthing experience Multiple Birth Placenta Praevia and various other reasons. If you are having an elective C-section you will be given… Read more »

The birth


You are about to meet the little baby that has been growing in your womb for the past nine months. Remember, both of you are facing labour together and the more relaxed and calm you are throughout, the better you and your baby will cope. Download our leaflet on The Birth, which will give you practical… Read more »

Pregnancy Healthy Eating

Healthy salad

Now you are pregnant it’s time to start thinking about your diet. Read on for our top five tips on how to achieve a healthy diet in those first few months. 1. Don’t panic if you can’t face any food at all in the early days! It’s worth mentioning that you are not alone if… Read more »