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Preparing for labour

Preparing for labour is definitely the key when it comes to childbirth. Every woman needs to prepare both mentally and psychically for labour and birth. By doing a little bit of reading and a little bit of preparation it can take some of the fear and anxiety out of having a baby. Knowledge and preparation… Read more »

Your beauty regime – is it safe to…

Pregnant woman

People are always telling you what you can / can’t do during pregnancy. While some of it is great advice – sometimes they are repeating pregnancy myths. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked and the answers!

Hospital Bag

It is a good idea to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go well before your due date. However, while you may feel the need and urge to pack as if you are going away on a ¬†two week holiday – be careful – most maternity hospitals limit the amount of items and… Read more »