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Eat Well From Conception to Age 2

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From the moment of conception right through to a baby’s second birthday a Mum has a critical window of opportunity to affect that baby’s health now and into the future. The 9 months of pregnancy (270 days) and the first 2 years (365 + 365 ) add up to the First 1000 Days – getting the right nutrition for the baby during this time will give them the best chance of reaching their potential as children and also to live a long life as healthy adults.

Fortified foods


Fortified foods. Sometimes we are bombarded with messages of ‘added this’ and ‘extra that’ have a read of this and see what you really need.

Keeping Heartburn at Bay


Now that you are pregnant you will most likely experience heartburn at some stage – even if you have never had it before. But not to worry, there are some ways to cope with this.