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Supporting your toddler’s immune system

The first few years of a child’s life are very important to the development of their immune system. As a parent, you can help support your toddler’s developing immune system by feeding them a healthy, balanced diet which includes foods that contain key nutrients such as iron and vitamins, as well as prebiotics.

Managing your toddler’s nutrition

Toddler eating

Growing as fast as they do, it’s hard sometimes to keep up with just how much food – and what kind of food – should you be giving your toddler. Here are some handy guidance that may help you.

Teaching Toddlers To Feed Themselves

By the age of 1 year, you should have successfully made it past the finish line of your toddler’s weaning journey (i.e. going through the stages from a milk only diet to eventually being ready for family meals), but the work is not over just yet! Learning to eat isn’t just about the food itself,… Read more »