Tag: Month-27

Socialising your Toddler

One of the many challenges of toddlerhood is the idea of socialising your toddler and getting them used to the company of others. Toddlers tend to be quite egocentric; their favourite words are usually ‘No’ and ‘Mine’ and it’s all about them! Sharing and waiting are foreign concepts to most toddlers. This is one of… Read more »

Preparing Baby number 1 for Baby number 2

After discovering the wonderful news that you are expecting your second baby, your immediate thoughts probably revolve around everything you need to get organised before your second bundle of joy arrives. However, not only do you and your partner need to prepare yourselves, but you also have to prepare your first child for what to… Read more »

A practical guide for older babies & toddlers with cow’s milk protein allergy

We have developed this practical guide for healthcare professionals to give to parents of older babies and toddlers with diagnosed cow’s milk protein allergy. This guide has lots of useful information on topics such as weaning your baby onto a milk free diet, how to ensure your baby is getting enough calcium in their diet… Read more »