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Aptamil Growing Up Milk – The facts

Aptamil Growing Up Milk - The Facts

In this article we explain the benefits of using growing up milk as part of a balanced diet. Research that shows that toddlers who drink growing up milk have higher intakes of key nutrients like iron and vitamin D, compared to toddlers who don’t consume growing up milk.

Top one pot family dinners

Healthy pasta salad

We are all very busy these days and one pot dinners can be a quick way to cook up a nutrtious meal for you and your family, we have put together some ideas for you here.

Your toddler’s nutritional requirements

Your toddler’s nutritional needs are much higher than an adult’s or even older children in relation to their body size. They are growing fast and becoming more and more active as the weeks go by. As a result they require more calories (energy) and nutrients in each spoonful of food than we do. Your toddler… Read more »