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Cluster Feeding


Cluster feeding is a normal part of breastfeeding and not a reason to be concerned about insufficient milk-supply. This is what demand feeding is all about. During the early months many babies cluster feed ,this is having feeds close together at certain times of the day (usually evening) and maybe sleeping longer at night or another time of the day.

Tummy time = fun time

Tummy time is really important for all newborn babies. Back in the day when we were all tiny tots we would have all slept on our tummy, however it was realised in the 90’s that there was a link between babies sleeping on their tummy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Cot Death. Thanks to… Read more »

Feeding Your Baby When Out & About

Bottlefeeding your baby when out and about can be a chore! If you normally use powdered formula, it is best practice is to make up each bottlefeed fresh.