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A practical guide for older babies & toddlers with cow’s milk protein allergy

We have developed this practical guide for healthcare professionals to give to parents of older babies and toddlers with diagnosed cow’s milk protein allergy. This guide has lots of useful information on topics such as weaning your baby onto a milk free diet, how to ensure your baby is getting enough calcium in their diet… Read more »

Babys Disturbed Sleep


Babies go through huge transitions throughout their first year of life and a number of variables can contribute to disturbed sleep: teething, sickness, travel, vaccinations and developmental milestones can all contribute to night time wakings.  If you remain consistent with your approach your baby should slip back into their regular sleeping pattern relatively quickly. If… Read more »

Finger foods your baby will love

It’s all part of the learning process of eating – so what are the healthiest and easiest finger food for your baby to start enjoying?