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Why Use Follow On Milk

From six months onwards, your baby’s nutritional needs start to change. Your baby is about to or has already started experimenting with new tastes and textures to help meet those extra needs for key nutrients. Babies have good iron stores until the time they are six months, when their iron stores begin to run out…. Read more »

How can I get my baby to sleep longer?


You can start to gently shape your newborns sleep from quite early on and promote them sleeping for longer periods of time as soon as they are physically able to do so.  At the start they require feeding regularly and often and usually wake to feed.  So you can expect to be up with your… Read more »

Caring for your baby’s teeth

Dental health may not seem important now in the grand scheme of things, but looking after your baby’s teeth in the early stages can play a huge role in your baby’s long term dental health, here’s how to keep your baby’s teeth in tip-top condition.