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A Hungry Baby

Whether you are breast or bottlefeeding, your baby may go through periods where they increase their milk intake or seem to be hungrier. Here is some advice if you think you have a hungry baby. Breastfeeding It may seem like you are constantly feeding at all hours of the day and night, but be reassured… Read more »

Tips to combat early rising

Baby sleeping

Young children are programmed to wake up early, but some children tend to wake up a little to early. There are some things that you can do to help. Read this article to find out what they are.

Baby’s Constipation

Dealing with your toddler's constipation

If you feel your little one is experiencing constipation, it is important to remember that it is  the consistency of a baby’s stool rather than the frequency that determines whether they actually have constipation or not. There is no need to be worried if your baby does not pass stools every day. Be reassured that it… Read more »