What your toddler drinks and when can have an impact on their overall diet. Their fluid intake is important to ensure that they do not get dehydrated.

Aim to give your toddler 6 drinks of fluid each day

Aim to give your toddler 6 drinks of fluid each day (or sometimes more in hot weather, or if unwell with a raised temperature).

  • Water and milk are the best drinks, for both with or between meals, as they are the most tooth friendly drinks. Encourage water drinking regularly throughout the day. At this stage they should be having around 300mls of milk each day. Aptamil Growing Up milk is fortified especially for toddlers to support their rapid growth at this stage.
  • Unsweetened pure fruit juice is a good source of vitamin C. But if giving juice to your toddler, give it with meals or snacks rather than between meals and dilute the juice 1 part juice to 4-5 parts water to keep their teeth strong and healthy.
  • Fruit drinks, juices and squashes should be avoided if possible as they contain sugar and are acidic and so can damage your toddler’s teeth. Sugar-free varieties contain artificial sweeteners and are not recommended for young children. If you do decide to give your toddler a drink of squash even sugar-free varieties, always dilute them well, 1 part squash to 8 parts water.
    Lovely baby sitting in chair and drinking from baby cup
  • Avoid any kind of fizzy drinks, as these drinks are acidic and either contains a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners (in the diet varieties) which can damage your toddler’s teeth.
  • Avoid giving your toddler tea or coffee; these drinks are not suitable for young children. They contain caffeine which is a stimulant and tannin which interferes with their body’s absorption of iron.

From their first birthday, encourage your toddler to drink from a beaker or cup rather than a bottle, this will help to avoid any possible related dental problems.

If you’d like any further advice on suitable drinks for your toddler call Careline and speak to one of our Nutritionists.