Playing with your baby may seem like a confusing task, what to do, what props do you need etc.

But far from needing some glowing, whirring, singing fluffy toy to shake in front of their little faces YOU are the only toy that they need in this first 6 months.

You holding them, swaying rhythmically, singing (they don’t care if you are good at it or not!) to them and most importantly holding their gaze in these early months is all you need. Be present and be in the moment with them, this is how their brains grow and develop and it starts their sense that you will emotionally organise their experiences for and with them.

Enjoying physical and emotional contact with your new baby is so important, it calms and regulates them, which in turn will make the baby feel more secure and likely to sleep and feed better.

Parents really learn to attune to their babies’ signs and cues during this first 6 months and that is much more important to brain development than any structured learning activity or stimulus toy. You can do that only by spending time with them and learning, ‘that’s a hungry cry’, ‘that’s a dirty nappy cry’, ‘that’s a tired cry’ and then acting on that instinct so that your baby starts to feel understood or gotten by you.  This is bonding, attunement and the foundation for secure healthy attachment at work.

You are all your baby needs, you are enough, you are everything to them.  Remember that.