If you have a child with Type I Diabetes, they don’t have to eat special foods or be excluded from what everyone else is eating. Current guidelines for diabetes are, in fact, the same as those for the population at large. In fact the whole family will do well by choosing the same types of meals as the child in the house with diabetes.

  • No food is a magic bullet or forbidden fruit
  • Variety and sensible portions are key
  • Fresh, whole foods beat processed foods every time
  • Fruits and vegetables should be chosen at every mealtime, along with low-fat dairy foods,fish, lean meats and chicken

Unsaturated “good fats” and interesting seasonings keep food tasty and healthy while too many saturated and processed fats weigh it down!

Children with diabetes may need to pay extra attention to the amount of carbohydrates they eat to maintain control of their blood sugar levels. It is also important that children with diabetes eat regularly and don’t skip meals – good advice for everyone but especially important for a child with diabetes.

baby washing carrots

So cook lots of fresh vegetables, family meals with lean meat or fish and tomato based rather than creamy sauces, fruit based desserts and lots of wholemeal and wholegrain choices for fibre – really just good healthy eating advice and limit the sweet treats, a good message for all of us. Contact your healthcare professional for further advice.

If would like some further information on this topic, contact our Careline and speak to one of our Nutritionists, on 1800 22 12 34.