These are the tips that we find work for night feeding:

  • Keep all noise, lights and stimulation to a minimum at night to help your baby differentiate between day and night. Bedtime feed best done in the bedroom/nursery
  • Offer both breasts at bedtime feed to ensure baby sleeps longer
  • Offer your baby a dream feed if asleep for a few hours, when you go to bed as this might keep baby sleeping longer
  • Only change nappies as necessary during the night so as not to over stimulate baby¬†
  • Wind baby after feeding to prevent baby waking up again due to trapped wind
  • Swaddling a newborn baby when putting down to sleep often makes them feel more secure
  • Bedtime routine for baby is good to start early- bath, breast, bed (add a book in after breast when older)
  • Putting baby down awake is a good routine to get into and not feed baby asleep
  • Keeping mum and baby close at night minimises sleep loss and if it feels right to keep baby in bed during the night with you then do so
  • Allow dad to develop his own routine for getting baby to sleep at night so that the care is shared

If you need any further advice on night feeding or having difficulties with this and need some support, do contact our Careline.