Whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, the question as to whether your baby is getting enough milk is something that goes through the minds of most mothers at some point.


Mother breastfeeding her baby

It can be difficult to tell how much milk your baby is drinking when you’re breastfeeding. Their appetite will undoubtedly change as they develop, and during their growth spurts their calorie requirement will naturally increase. Breastmilk doesn’t come with a handy measuring cup, so it’s better to look for general signs of good health – that way you’ll know your baby is feeding well e.g. multiple wet and dirty nappies, being active and alert and over time needing bigger clothes.


There’s no hard and fast rule – every baby is different

If you’re wondering how much you should be bottlefeeding your baby, there’s no hard and fast rule either – every baby is different. The amount you feed your baby will vary depending on a number of factors, including their age, their weight and their appetite.

The guide on the side of the pack of your formula milk is a general guide to help you to calculate an average amount for your baby’s age.  But remember that it is just a guide, some babies take more and some take less. Also, you may find that your baby takes in more at different times of the day, keeping a record of the amount your baby feeds will help you calculate how much they have consumed in total over 24hours (recommended volume is 150-200mls formula per 1kg body weight, but please note that some may take more and some less).

Mother Bottle-Feeding Her Baby

Regardless of how you are feeding your baby you may find it helpful to get your baby weighed regularly in the early stages. Once they are consistently putting on weight and your healthcare professional is happy with your baby’s weight gain then you know that they are getting enough.

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