As your toddler explores more adventurous tastes, they’re also learning the power of the word ‘no’. Even with your healthiest intentions, it can be a challenge to make sure they get a perfectly balanced diet each day.

Some toddlers’ diets fall short of the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals but there are plenty of ways to encourage healthy eating by including some fun into mealtimes. For more information read our article about  healthy diets for toddlers.

Get your toddler involved in mealtimes

  • Let your toddler help to put toppings on a pizza or grated cheese on a bolognese.
  • Arrange carrot sticks, tomatoes, and bell peppers to look like a face on their plate
  • Try Teddy Bear Toast or Happy Eggs for a fun and nutritious meal
  • Get your toddler involved in the cooking process and talk to them about food. If your toddler has helped you to make the food they will be much more eager to try it
  • Let your toddler use their own knife and fork (children’s plastic ones are great). This means they can practice coordination, feel like a grown up and enjoy their own food.
  •  Smoothies are a great way to disguise fruit

cooking with toddler

Try some of our delicious toddler recipes. They are easy to prepare and our recipes are ideal for the whole family to enjoy and can be cooked and frozen for later. You can be sure they contain just the right balance of nutrients for your growing toddler; while encouraging your fledgling gourmet’s palate for a variety of tastes and textures.

If you have any further questions regarding your toddlers diet contact our Careline.