Winding your baby is important to release any trapped air that they may have swallowed during a feed. Here is some information and advice about how to wind your baby.

What is wind?

Wind is air that your baby has swallowed during a feed. Winding is an important part of feeding your baby, as they need help to bring up trapped wind. Wind that is not brought up may cause your baby to become unsettled and show signs of discomfort.

winding baby

How can I tell if my baby is windy?

Some babies need winding during a feed while some babies are happy to gulp the whole bottle and then wind. You might notice your baby refuses to suckle anymore and cries or looks a bit pained, especially if you try to lie them down afterwards.

How should I wind my baby?

The most common position for winding is to place your baby over your shoulder while supporting their bottom with an arm. Use the other arm to rub or pat their back. Another position, usually recommended by healthcare professionals, is to sit your baby on your lap in an upright position. Support your baby’s chin with one hand and rub or gently pat your baby’s back with the other.

If you have any further questions or just need a bit more advice, please contact our Careline.